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250 Series

Our 250 SERIES filter units are designed for a flow rate of up to 12.500 l/h and the design allows a pressure drop of only 0.4 bar.

Plastic turned and milled parts made of solid material, thermal pre-treatment, support structure, fastenings made of V2A or V4A and electropolished, and ergonomic construction guarantee a long service life.


UP TO 12,500 L/H


Up to 5 m²

It’s the little things,
that make a big difference.



Folding eye bolts
Quick and easy opening of the tank.

Drain valve
Empty the tank safely and easily.

Peace of mind
and reliability

Strong chassis
Long-term investment.

Dripping edge
Protects the motor from spills.

optimal performances

Pressure gauge
Monitor the pressure inside the tank.

A more comfortable

Flexible hose connecting pump to tank
Reduces vibrations and dB output.

Safety first

Ventilation valve
Long service life and safety guaranteed.

Accomodates your needs
in seconds

Many compatible filtermedia
Switch between filter media quickly and easily.



Length 450mm
Width 340mm
Height (10”/20”/30”) 924 / 1178 / 1432 mm


Main Polypropylene (PP)
Secondary Stainless Steel (SS)


Volume From 6 to 19 l
Max flow rate 12,500 l/h
Pressure drop 0.4 bar at 12,500 l/h

Discs 10”/20”/30”

Quantity 37 / 33(x2) / 50(x2)
Filtration area 121 / 216 / 327 mm²
Capacity 4.8 / 8.8 / 13.1 l

Cartridges 75 mm 10”/20”/30”

Quantity 5 / 5 / 5
Filtration area 165 / 330 / 495 mm²
Capacity 1.08 / 2.16 / 3.24 l

Cartridges 65 mm 10”/20”/30”

Quantity 7 / 7 / 7
Filtration area 231 / 462 / 693 mm²
Capacity 1.51 / 3.02 / 4.54 l


Plug cable length 5 m

Facilitate maintenance and enhance
the durability of your Bohncke products.


Fail safe

A flow control relay monitors the flow rate. It protects the pump against running dry or overheating and indicates when it is best to replace/clean the filter media, saving both time and money.

4 types of I/O switch

A total of 4 electrical switches are available. From simple I/O switch to the I/O switch with illuminated buttons and flow control.


The optional drainage valve allows to conveniently empty the tank without any loss of fluids. ("GS" model only).

Drip funnel

The drip funnel provides a clean and safe solution when removing the filter media from the filter unit. The funnel will bring back any spilling inside the tank and avoid fluids to come in contact with the operator or the equipment, keeping everything clean.

Suction strainer

The suction strainer prevents large chips and objects to be sucked into the filter. It also assures a continual flow rate eliminating the possibility of the hose adhering to the floor during suction.

Pipe filter

In the event of a bigger part being sucked in, the pipe filter will protect the pump against any damage. The transparent cover allows to see the content of the filter and evaluate when it requires emptying.

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