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For over 30 years we have been designing and building pumps, filter units and filter media for the electroplating industry and consulting on their use. The trust placed in us is based on our high-quality products, our experience, good cooperation with the users, hard work and a lot of tenacity.

Our team of qualified and experienced employees produces state-of-the-art pump and filter systems. Our range of services guarantees independent advice for the benefit of the user. With the experience gained since 1988 in the areas of filter technology and plant construction, the privately-owned company has become one of the leading addresses for pumps and filter systems in the electroplating sector.

Sustainability is not unknown to us. We accept our responsibility for ecological, economic and social issues. The status quo is constantly being questioned. With our sustainable business model, we create value and ensure entrepreneurial success.

Everything from a single source.
Consulting, development, production, installation, commissioning, instruction, maintenance and customer service are coordinated at our production site and large warehouse near Frankfurt am Main. Production is monitored with state-of-the-art testing technology to ensure the highest quality standards of our worldwide clientele. Bohncke GmbH is approved by TUEV as a specialist company according to WHG § 19 and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Together with our business partners, with professional competence and high-quality products, we optimize the processes and master new challenges. We are always ready to meet new processes with innovations; this secures our advantage and that of our customers - also in the future. Bohncke GmbH in Germany - your partner worldwide in the electroplating industry and more.

BOHNCKE GmbH integrated the SIEBEC Group on 1 July 2015.
As one of the market-leading companies in the field of filtration of electrolytic baths Bohncke complements the SIEBEC product range with its high-quality equipment.

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