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Eductor nozzles

Our eductor nozzles are based on the Venturi principle and ensure bath circulation of galvanoplastic, nickel, zinc, copper, chromium, phosphating, rinsing/pickling, tin/lead, gold, silver, and dissolution of salts.
This serves the homogenization and deposits in the bath are avoided. With our specially developed simulation software, we do not work according to the trial-and-error method.

The most efficient solution
for bath homogenisation.


of lamination

Avoids stagnation in the tank
and disperses products and reagents.

Heat dissipation

Dissipates the heat from
the cathode/electrolyte interface.

deposition rate

Reduces the layer of deposition
on the product.

Turbulence reduction

Increases the deposition factor
from 10 to 100.

Venturi effect

Multiplies by 5 times
the volume of liquid pumped.

deposition properties

Porosity, hardness,
resistance to abrasion.

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