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Horizontal direct drive

Our closed centrifugal impeller with diffuser enables very high efficiency. A carbide on carbide seal leads to the lowest wear and tear yielding incredible durability.

The polymer design (PP or PVDF) results in excellent resistance to acids and bases.

Flow rate

from 4,800 to 57,000 l/h

Delivery height

Up to 41 m


Model Max flow rate Max delivery height
A15 4,800 l/h 9 m
A18 10,000 l/h 18 m
A19 14,000 l/h 19 m
A27 31,500 l/h 21.5 m
A30 43,000 l/h 22 m
A32 57,000 l/h 50 m
A31 P 52,000 l/h 32 m
A32 P 57,000 l/h 41 m
A33 P 48,000 l/h 36 m

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