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Nickel plating

PBNA | 1st GEN

A glare-free / satin nickel bath has high demands on the filter equipment.

With this first generation, the flow rate can be set on a display and the basic setting of the dosing pump must be carried out manually once.

Our unit offers the following advantages:
• Only one unit for main and maintenance filtration.
• Presetting of the flow rate on the display.
• No manual adjustment by FU or valves.
• Precise dosing in linear dependence of the flow rate.
• No continuous adjustment of the dosing.
• Consistent settings give reproducible results.





A user-friendly permanent glare-free nickel unit, PBNA,
that meets all requirements, uncompromised.


Minimal reject rates

Thank to reproductible results.

Limited operator errors

Prevents incorrect input or misalignment.


Valve control and operating modes.

Autonomous process

Rinsing, venting and precoating.

Data recording

Documentation and control of the process.


Visual interface and ease of use.

Industry 4.0 ready

Integration into the overall process.

Remote maintenance

Via teamviewer.

Save on chemicals

Lower consumption.


High flow adjustment YES
Precise low flow regulation and control YES
Accurate dosing - linear correlation to flow rate YES
Flow with or without security filter YES
Agitation with or without filtration YES
Continuous use with dosing YES
Maintenance filtration without dosing YES
Max. quantity dosing pumps/sotrage tanks 2
Password protection / system management and log NO
Colour management (99 colours) NO
Metered dosing pump icnorporating flow monitoring NO
up to 5 storage tanks for process additives NO
Automatic dosing of the make-up additives NO
Programmed colour change functionality NO
System servicing features incorporated NO
Self-priming pump NO
Dry run protection NO
Automatic valves for each mode NO
Guided pre-coating (adding aid and carbon by hand) NO
Emptying the filters for cleaning NO
Automatic (individual) ventilation NO
Automatic rinsing of the slury tank NO
Automatic rinsing of the system NO
Display NO
Language N/A

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